Portland, OR 97212

The Senior Portrait Project gives high school seniors a photo shoot at no charge. Underserved high schools in Portland, Oregon can have their school's Homeless Advocate submit requests on the students behalf.



Q. Is this a non-profit? 

A. Not officially. We are working on obtaining 501(c)(3) status but this remains an overwhelming work in progress. As such, cash donations are not tax deductible. That said, this is not a business and all funds raised go directly to the photo shoot experience of each student.

Q. How are the students chosen? 

A. Parkrose High School's Homeless (Gateway) Advocate or counselor chooses which students are a good fit for this project. Additionally, a counselor at St. Helens High School is choosing students.

Q. When will the next photo shoots take place?

A. December 2017 through March 2018.

Q. What is the difference between donating through Indiegogo versus this website?

A. SPP uses Indiegogo once a year for our annual fundraising campaign, which runs for a couple of weeks. It's our one push through the year to get the majority of our funding. However, donating through the website is open throughout the year. Regardless of where you donate, all funds support the seniors.