Portland, OR 97212

The Senior Portrait Project gives high school seniors a photo shoot at no charge. Underserved high schools in Portland, Oregon can have their school's Homeless Advocate submit requests on the students behalf.


My name is Nova Moisa and this project began after learning about Mark Bustos, a New York City high-end salon stylist. He uses his Sundays to give financially disadvantaged people haircuts. His philosophy is that we each have something we can do to help our neighbor and encourages us to "be awesome to somebody." His hashtag is a great way to follow Bustos #beawesometosomebody

This project started in October 2014 after meeting with Parkrose High School's Homeless Advocate. I was shocked and saddened to learn that several high schools in Portland, Oregon have the need for a full-time Homeless Advocate. By the time these kids reach high school the average student has attended eight different schools. I met a former student who attended fourteen different schools between kindergarten and 12th grade. 

These are great kids! Several of the students work during the school year to help their families. One the student told me her mother has two jobs. Paying for senior portraits on their own is simply out of their grasp. 

2017-2018 school year

Due to an amazing outreach from professional photographers, we have enough volunteers to take pictures for 10 students. Additionally, students who were interested received free hair styling and make-up from professional volunteers who offered their services.

 Please check out the Volunteer page to learn ways you can contribute.